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I missed my 2 year anniversary last week, so here are a few pictures that show some of the physical changes I’ve experienced. The first picture was taken pre-t, the second on my 1 year, and the third was taken just moments ago. 

Besides the obvious differences in my hair color/length, my hair has become semi curly close to my ears. I also feel my hair isn’t growing as fast as it used to but that could be due to a number of factors unrelated to testosterone. Most of the changes I notice at this point, are related to hair. My hair line has certainly receded.

I’m really excited about the continual facial hair growth. I’ve committed to not shaving for at least 3 months. Considering I just passed my first month, I’m quite happy with what I have already. Of course I’d like a nice, full, mountain-man beard but hopefully that will be something I can achieve later down the road. 

I just had a thought: maybe the hair on my head isn’t growing as quickly because my body is focusing on growing hair everywhere else. With the exceptions of the majority of my torso, my face, and my wrists, I’m pretty hairy. Thankfully I haven’t had to worry about nose or ear hair. I will continue to appreciate that and hope I never have to experience either. 

you remind me of edward norton

Haha. I’ve only ever heard that once before (and it was before I was out as trans* so it threw me off) but I love Edward Norton. I think he’s a great actor, so I take that as a high compliment. Thank you!